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  • Standard Injection Molding Machine

    Brief IntroductionStardard Seris Injection Molding Machine is used for the general purpose plastic products,it is with the excellet performance in stable,speed and wearable.Scope of ApplicationIt is used in most of plastic product by injection forming.

    2015/12/14 13:19:02
  • Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine

    Characteristics of servo energy-saving injection molding machine:Equipped with high performance servo motor controlling system, the machine’s output power canvary in accordance with the loading changes, which reduce energy consumption and noise. The motor

    2015/12/14 13:53:42
  • Varible Pump Injection Injection Molding Machine

    - Energy saving- Fast system response and short cycle times- Greatly decreases oil temperature of the system- Smoother mould opening and locking, prolonging the life of the machine and the mould- Prolongs working life of the hydraulic oil and hydraulic co

    2015/12/14 13:57:42
  • PVC Injection Molding Machine

    Characteristics:Adopted the plasticizing components special for PVC, and adopted the screw& nozzel &flange plated with hard chromate for the stronger corrosion resistance.1. Strict& stability control, multi-segment barrel with the function of

    2015/12/16 16:02:16
  • PET Injection Molding Machine

    Characteristics:According to the characteristics of PET injection forming process, we launched the PET injection machine with all the standard seriescharacteristics and we made technical improvement to ensure produce better quality PET preform as below

    2015/12/15 11:30:06
  • High Speed Injection Molding Machine

    Characteristics: 1.Equipped with the servo motor, and with the high response logic valve module, and with the electro-hydraulic power capacity of rapid system optimization module,it can realized the fast injection speed ( more than 150 ml/s)for some kinds

    2015/12/16 14:55:51
  • Auto-loader/feeder

    Auto-loader for feeding the raw material to the injection machine。

    2016/1/6 10:17:58
  • Crusher

    Crusher for recycle

    2016/1/6 10:13:28
  • Dryer

    Dryer for drying the raw material

    2016/1/6 10:01:49
  • Cooling Tower

    Cooling Tower for cooling the machines oil

    2016/1/6 9:58:39
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