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China's export over import injection molding machine

According to the latest statistics show that China's exports the first super new machine imports last year, and achieved large injection molding machine export Europe this year, industry development is in good condition。

Injection molding machine is one of the largest processing machinery, plastic processing industry in the usage not only have a large number of products available injection molding machine production directly, but also of note, blowing process of key equipment。 China has become the world's largest country in machines in PCS/sets of production, the reason: to promote the development of China's injection molding machine equipment manufacturing is a joint venture with international famous enterprises and technological cooperation; Second, Chinese enterprises gradually adapted to the mechanical parts adopt international purchase way, mastered the asc purchase channels。 At the same time, the production of the injection molding machine of our country present a strong regional features, ningbo in zhejiang province and guangdong dongguan and other places, has become China's important production base of injection molding machine and the world。

The latest statistics show that China's injection molding machine in the international trade reached a turning point in the last year。 Exports of injection molding machine for the first time exceeded imports, exports of nearly $1 billion。 Business managers and China plastics machinery industry association said the transition can be attributed to two reasons: first, China plastic machinery industry competitiveness in the global market is growing; Secondly, more and more foreign machinery manufacturers in China to build factories, in the development of better open the Chinese market, but also for export。

China's exports reached us $900 million in the molding machine in 2012, imports of $810 million。 Injection molding machine in China exports to $2011 in 824 million, imports of $842 million。 Compared with 2010, the difference is bigger, the plastic machinery industry association, according to data from the injection molding machine of China exports to $2010 in 624 million, imports of $926 million。



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