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PVC transparent plastic pipe is widely used in industry, construction, agriculture

In general in the production of resin, PVC resin consumption of ethylene production, the production cost is the lowest. Domestic production of PVC to consumption per ton ethylene 0.5314 tons, ethylene and polyethylene average consumption per ton of 1.042 tons, domestic PVC resin of ethylene consumption of per ton less than polyethylene consumption of about 50%. In addition, from the perspective of the plastic PVC has good compatibility with various additives, in the production of tubing can be added to a large number of cheap packing, the production cost is reduced greatly. Therefore, PVC transparent plastic pipe has been widely used.

Per cubic meter for the production of PVC pipe compared with metal pipe, PVC and production per cubic meter of steel and aluminum, steel consumption of 316 kj/m3, the energy consumption of the aluminum is 619 kj/m3, PVC power consumption of 70 kj/m3, that is, the energy consumption of the steel is 4。5 times that of the PVC, aluminum power consumption is 8。8 times of PVC。 And the process energy consumption in the production of PVC pipe also is only a third with diameter metal pipe。 Tumor at the same time because the PVC tube wall is smooth, does not produce corrosion, water conveyance efficiency is high, used for transfusion can power saving 20%。

PVC pipe has good mechanical properties, and have excellent corrosion resistance, in the process of using light weight, easy installation, does not need to maintain, and use steel for the utility of water pipe, in use process due to corrosion, must often coating paint, high maintenance costs。 General construction and utilities with metal pipe need to change 20 years or so, while processing a good PVC pipe, the service life of 50 years, etc。 Therefore, PVC pipe is a kind of low production cost, high strength, good corrosion resistance of the plastic products。

Generally speaking, in terms of sewage, waste water and ventilation pipe, PVC pipe than using iron pipe installation and saving Labour cost about 16-37%; For the use of conduit than metal wire casing save cost 30-33%; And function of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe in hot and cold water, than use the same size of the copper tube to save cost for the 23-44%。 Due to the advantages of PVC pipe, therefore, all countries in the positive development and promotion of PVC pipes。

Rigid PVC pipe, pipe fittings in many PVC products, a trend of rapid growth in China, is one of the biggest variety of all kinds of plastic pipes in consumption. PVC pipe through the promotion of recent years, in our country, especially in the relevant national policy support, PVC pipe production and application, great progress has been made in PVC pipe production has accounted for more than 50% of the plastic pipe material production, is widely used in industry, construction, agriculture and many other industries.



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