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India review injection molding machine anti-dumping duties on China policy

According to the report, due to the injection molding machine anti-dumping duties on China policy is the limit of full maturity, the Indian government has embarked on the anti-dumping review. For this anti-dumping tax policy of problem, India people said. Among them, the country's four big local injection molding machine manufacturers strongly suggest the government to keep the policy.

India's national trade and commerce on May 9, according to the official statement out of need, for domestic enterprises to protect the country's big four injection molding machine manufacturers, Toshiba, FerromatikMilacronIndia company, WindsorMachines company as well as Indian companies ElectronicaPlasticMachines unanimously demanded the government to impose anti-dumping duties from the injection molding machine made in China。 They think that countries must provide support for the domestic enterprises, safeguard their interests。 India's injection molding machine anti-dumping duties on China policy implementation in February 2009, is about to expire in the middle of may this year。 The policy rules on Chinese, the clamping force of 40-1000 tons of injection molding machine at a rate of 223% anti-dumping duties。 That pay attention to greatly improve the injection molding machine of China into the threshold of the Indian market。 The Chinese government expresses strong protest and plastic machinery industry。

For future anti-dumping tax policy, the Indian authorities did not give the answer in the first place. The government called in the next few months will be a massive anti-dumping review, after comprehensive weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to injection molding machine in China continue to impose anti-dumping duties. Previously, India plastic machinery association chairman MahendraPatel in India 2013 plastivision trade show has expressed the hope that the government can continue to implement anti-dumping tax policy for injection molding machine in China. "Current India plastic machinery industry momentum of steady development, fully capable of" self-sufficiency ". While China injection molding machine once poured into the Indian market, will destroy the balance of the situation." Patel said.



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