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Recycled plastic industry development has a long way

As is known to all, plastic recycling has always been a headache problem。 Because plastic combustion will produce poisonous gas, landfill and difficult decomposition, resulting in soil environment pollution。 Therefore, the emergence of the recycled plastic industry not only can solve the problem of environmental pollution, also save on energy consumption。

Although promising renewable plastic industry, but in the actual development process, is still faced with many problems. On the one hand, because of the recycled plastic sources, quality is uneven, the performance difference between batches is bigger also, which led to the stability of the quality of the recycled plastic is bad. Recycled plastic, on the other hand, the cost is higher, the price higher than the native plastic prices 30% to 50%.

From recycled plastic industry overall situation, domestic waste plastic recycling companies are still mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, industry concentration is sparse。 Because of the waste plastics recycling is a complicated process, high to the requirement of technology。 And the domestic renewable plastic industry still is given priority to with physical recycling, there is no doubt that to some extent hindered the development of the industry progress。

On the development of all kinds of problems, but as the development trend of the future industry, recycled plastic industry's future is still bright light. Experts suggest, therefore, recycled plastic industry to firmly grasp the historical opportunity of development, do fine do big business scale, to promote the pace of industrialization and industry development by leaps and bounds.



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