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Specific analysis of the three advantages of servo injection molding machine

Servo energy-saving series injection molding machine, equipped with high-performance servo dynamic variable speed control system, in the process of injection molding pressure on different traffic, make different frequency output, and closed loop control of pressure flow accurately, realize servo motor for injection molding machine high speed response and the best match of energy demand and adjust automatically. In the servo injection molding machine has the following three advantages:

Power saving: due to the servo motor type servo injection molding machine is according to the need to change it, don't like the three-phase ac asynchronous motor speed and torque is invariable, and the output of the motor power = torque X speed, thus realize the energy-saving effect, it is quite obvious. In addition, the servo motor in the magnetic field generated by the strong magnetic material on its own; And the ac asynchronous motor's magnetic field is generated by alternating current motor stator and consumption to power (estimated that about 10%). So the characteristics of power saving type is servo injection molding machine;

Precision: because of the pressure sensor type servo injection molding machine was adopted, through constant feedback signal pressure sensor, the control system to make real time control, make each stage of the required pressure and flow rate rapidly and accurately。 Double closed loop control was realized。 The repeat precision of products。 The traditional injection molding machine is open loop control, precision is much lower。

Efficient: due to the response speed of servo motor, from zero to rated speed just + / - 0.5 milliseconds, so the efficiency of the processed products increase by about 2%.

Injection molding machine is the main production equipment, plastic industry, energy waste is serious. Due to the expensive electricity, electricity in the enterprise occupies a considerable proportion of the cost of production, has become an important factors seriously affect the production efficiency of enterprises. With the intensifying of market competition, companies are taking all kinds of energy saving measures, efforts to reduce the production cost, in order to improve the market competition, can according to user's injection molding machine motor power, motor speed, pump displacement and the system pressure custom products, to meet all specifications of the equipment.

Servo installation process and common molding machine, convenient and simple, get the welcome of the general plastic industries, both in response to the country, saving energy and reducing consumption, energy saving and emission reduction has brought considerable economic benefits。 Product attractive and durable, energy saving environmental protection, according to different injection molding products, the power saving rate of 35% - 80%。 Back all the investment of time in 6 to 12 months。 Is the enterprise energy saving renovation, injection molding machine, injection molding machine electricity saving renovation the best ideal products。



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