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China's injection molding machine manipulator industry or meet opportunities

Along with the social nature of automation is more and more strong, many traditional manual operation machinery has been rejected, and is instead of the automation, the manipulator is the product of social automation, have a great impact on modern industrial production and the function, from microscopic life to scale operation, the manipulator is seeping into the details of human life。


Wide prospect of high-tech production equipment


Industrial manipulator is in recent decades developed a kind of high-tech automated production equipment。 Industrial manipulator is an important branch of industrial robots。 Its characteristic is can be done through programming various expectations of job tasks, on the structure and performance of both man and machine respective advantage, especially reflects people's intelligence and adaptability。 The accuracy of the manipulator operation and all kinds of environment's ability to finish the homework, in the national economy in various fields have broad prospects for development。


Manipulator is the mechanization, automation production process developed a new type of device. In the modern production process, the manipulator is widely used in automatic production line, development and production of robot has become a high technology within the neighborhood of a new technology developed rapidly, it promoted the development of the manipulator, the manipulator can achieve better with the combination of mechanization and automation.


At present domestic machinery is mainly used for machining, casting, heat treatment, etc., the quantity, variety, performance can meet the needs of the development of industrial production. So, in the domestic main is gradually expand the application scope, the development of mechanical casting, heat treatment, in order to reduce the labor intensity, improve work condition, at the same time in the application of dedicated manipulator, the development of corresponding general manipulator, conditional and teaching manipulator, computer control of manipulator and the combination of manipulator, etc.


Change enterprise employee


Used as a traditional production-oriented enterprises, the manipulator to change our way of production is to reduce enterprise reliance on labor, lower production costs, the only way to achieve sustainable development. Increase in the frequency of immediate to the promotion of industrial production, in electronics, textile machinery, pastoral management machine is widely used in industry, greatly improving the production efficiency; Many industries in a restructuring after using manipulator production efficiency and quality are the further development. Manipulator's impact on modern manufacturing industry is huge, not only led to a new round of development of traditional industry, market competitiveness and the same as modern sunrise industry.


In addition, the manipulator for industrial manufacturing production change is not just a manipulator using modern production technology, and the modern enterprise management mode also changed greatly with the vigor and vitality and market competitiveness。 At this point, a lot of enterprise products increased from less than a dozen previous to the current dozens, but also in terms of number of high-quality goods than there used to be greatly promoted, at the same time to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises and the influence of the survival ability is the key。 The use of injection molding machine manipulator for us now to adjust industrial structure, develop the traditional manufacturing industry, is a good opportunity。


As the miniaturization and micromation of the manipulator, its application field will break through the traditional field of mechanical, electronic information, biotechnology, life science and toward and aerospace and other high-end industry development。



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