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Industry information

  • China's export over import injection molding machine

    According to the latest statistics show that Chinas exports the first super new machine imports last year, and achieved large injection molding machine export Europe this year, industry development is in good condition.Injection molding machine is one of

    2015/12/23 11:22:53
  • PVC transparent plastic pipe is widely used in industry, construction, agriculture

    In general in the production of resin, PVC resin consumption of ethylene production, the production cost is the lowest. Domestic production of PVC to consumption per ton ethylene 0.5314 tons, ethylene and polyethylene average consumption per ton of 1.042

    2015/12/23 11:20:35
  • India review injection molding machine anti-dumping duties on China policy

    According to the report, due to the injection molding machine anti-dumping duties on China policy is the limit of full maturity, the Indian government has embarked on the anti-dumping review。 For this anti-dumping tax policy of problem, India people said。

    2015/12/23 11:11:35
  • Recycled plastic industry development has a long way

    As is known to all, plastic recycling has always been a headache problem。 Because plastic combustion will produce poisonous gas, landfill and difficult decomposition, resulting in soil environment pollution。 Therefore, the emergence of the recycled plasti

    2015/12/23 11:10:23
  • Specific analysis of the three advantages of servo injection molding machine

    Servo energy-saving series injection molding machine, equipped with high-performance servo dynamic variable speed control system, in the process of injection molding pressure on different traffic, make different frequency output, and closed loop control o

    2015/12/23 11:08:09
  • China's injection molding machine manipulator industry or meet opportunities

    Along with the social nature of automation is more and more strong, many traditional manual operation machinery has been rejected, and is instead of the automation, the manipulator is the product of social automation, have a great impact on modern industr

    2015/12/23 11:06:04


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