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Customer service

Before plastic moulding machine sales service : SHENGKAI sales team and plastic moulding machine service team help customer in selection of the most suitable optional for plastic moulding machine, also help customers to select the suitable and most economical model or type。 And can provide the plastic mould’s design and moulding parameter suggestions。

 During the plastic moulding machine sales service : SHENGKAI helps customer to make the workshop display, such like electricity line and cooling water installation。 Also will offer the free training to the buyers’ workmen。

 After sales service : SHENGKAI will send engineers to help customer make the plastic moulding machine installation, plastic moulding with the ready made moulds running, operation and skill training to the workers in the workshop. During the 1 year guarantee time, SHENGKAI offers all the damaged parts free of charge and response to parts assembling. If the plastic moulding machine out of guarantee time, SHENGKAI keeps on offering very prompt service, especially in the area which have set up the service center. In order to make better services, SHENGKAI is now seeking or negotiating with so many plastic moulding machine engineering teams in different countries. We are waiting for many skillful teams who can work with us together to offer better service for plastic moulding machines.




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